Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct is defined as any activity that tends to undermine the academic integrity of the institution. It may involve human, hard-copy, or electronic resources including cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, interference, violation of course rules, and the facilitation of academic dishonesty. It is a faculty member’s responsibility to report all cases of academic misconduct to the dean of students or appropriate official.

“Indiana University procedures for imposing academic and disciplinary sanctions are intended to provide students with the guarantees of due process and procedural fairness, to ensure equal protection for all students, and to allow for the imposition of similar sanctions for similar acts of misconduct.”* *Student Disciplinary Procedures for Academic Misconduct Involving the IU Indianapolis Campus.

The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct governs all IU campuses. Specific responsibilities listed for students are listed in Part II of the Code. Each individual campus sets their own procedures. Use the links below to read the IU Indianapolis procedures and to report an incident of academic misconduct.