Guidebook for Inclusive Academic Appointments at IU Indianapolis

The primary resource for members of search committees as well as deans, department chairs, and associate deans, is the Guidebook for Inclusive Academic Appointments at IU Indianapolis. The Guidebook provides an overview, conceptual frameworks, and step by step help for strong, inclusive, and successful full time faculty searches.

The sections below indicate what topics are covered in the Guidebook, and provides links to information on technical steps that must be completed. These steps are primarily for use by HR staff.  Also included is information about non-full-time academic appointees and other hiring/employment steps.

For student academic appointees (AC3s), please see the Graduate Student webpage in the left menu bar. "FLP" appointees and medical residents are not managed by our office.  

Guidebook Chapter 1:  Before the Search

  • School and Departmental Leadership
  • Building Relationships and Pipelines
  • Developing Strategic Hiring plans
  • Strategic Hiring Plans: Step-by-Step

     Other resources:

Technical Information

Guidebook Chapter 2:  Initial Search Process

  • Requesting a Search
  • Forming an Inclusive Hiring Committee
  • Committee Charge
  • Distinction between Internal and External Searches
  • Avoiding Bias When There is an Internal Candidate

     Other resources:

Technical Information

Guidebook Chapter 3:  Outreach and Recruitment Plan

  • Posting in PeopleAdmin
  • Constructing an Inclusive Position Description
  • Posting Requirements
  • International Applicants
  • Active Recruiting and Networking
  • Evaluating Active Recruitment and Outreach Plans

     Other resources:

Technical Information

Guidebook Chapter 4:  Fair and Thorough Review and Assessment of Candidates

  • Evaluating Candidates Equitably
  • Inclusive Interview Practices
  • External Reference Checks
     Other resources:

Technical Information

Guidebook Chapter 5:  Position Offers

  • Preparing the Offer
  • Closing Out the Search

     Other resources:

Technical information (coversheets and templates)

Cover sheets and offer letter templates:  comprehensive listing

Closing Out the Search: Dispositioning All Candidates

Guidebook Chapter 6:  Retention and Advancement Planning

  • Onboarding
  • Mentorship
  • Networking
  • Internal and External Grants

     Other resources:


Reviewed and revised 1-29-24.