2021-2022 Promotion and Tenure Changes

2020-2021 Information: Integrative Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Case for Tenure-Track Faculty

  • Background about this work is described on this webpage, in this circular, and incorporated into the 2020-2021 promotion and tenure guidelines (available on request).

Fall 2021: Integrative DEI Cases for Clinical and Lecturer Faculty

  • Passed by the IUPUI Faculty Council (IFC) on December 7, 2021
  • Circulars:
  • Now incorporated into the 2021-2022 Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Spring 2022 Changes


  • The circulars below were approved by the IUPUI Faculty Council at the April, 2022 meeting.  They are now incorporated into the 2022-2023 Guidelines (available upon request).  
  • Candidates may use the new features as soon as their school adopts the campus guidelines or creates its own version consistent with the campus Guidelines.


  • Broadens the scope and definition of “service” as an area of excellence or as part of a balanced case, beyond just client-services to administrative and other work.
  • Slightly adjusts the requirements for a balanced-binned case to continue to require “highly satisfactory” in each area, but in the “service” area NOT to define that solely as 'peer reviewed dissemination'.
  • Creates a new balanced-integrative case ("thematic"; of which the DEI case would be one potential path).
  • Allows a broad range of scholarship for clinical and lecturer cases (beyond scholarship of teaching and learning).
  • Allows professional peer review for appropriate items (beyond 'academic peer review').
  • Editorially, add more guidance about documenting quality and impact (across a range of items/endeavors).


Proposals as voted on

Each document has a background, then summary of the change, then concludes with how the change would translate into actual promotion and tenure guidelines' language.

Town Hall Recordings

The following recordings are from town hall meetings held to review the proposed changes to expand and update balanced cases, provide a wider scope for defining service, recognize scholarship by clinical and lecturer faculty that supports teaching, and provide an expanded framework for assessing direct impacts of teaching, research/creative activity, and service accomplishments. The town halls discuss a presentation by the Ad Hoc Committee to Revise IUPUI Promotion and Tenure Guidelines given at the March 1, 2022, IUPUI Faculty Council meeting.

View the March 8, 2022, Town Hall Recording

View the March 9, 2022, Town Hall Recording