Project EPIC – Evidence-Informed Promotion of Inclusive Climate—aims to develop equity-minded leaders through intentional programming and training to improve institutional climate and promote inclusive leadership practices.

Through EPIC, strategic improvements in institutional and departmental culture and climate will yield greater recruitment, retention, and advancement of women, and particularly women of color, across all ranks.

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EPIC is funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions (ADVANCE) program, which is designed to foster gender equity through a focus on the identification and elimination of organizational barriers that impede the full participation and advancement of diverse faculty in academic institutions. Organizational barriers that inhibit equity may exist in policies, processes, practices, and the organizational culture and climate. ADVANCE "Adaptation" awards provide support for the adaptation and adoption of evidence-based strategies to academic, non-profit institutions of higher education as well as non-academic, non-profit organizations.